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Our A+ Premium banners harnessed untapped potential by seamlessly integrating data and conveying additional product benefits. With an integrated composition, interactive elements, and clickable sliders, we enhanced user experience across desktop and mobile platforms. 


As a result, our comprehensive design approach helped increase the visibility and sales performance of TrackiPet on Amazon, contributing to its success as a trusted and popular pet-tracking solution.


For the lifestyle banners, we utilized a combination of stock images featuring various dog breeds and 3D renderings of the TrackiPet device. This allowed us to create visually compelling banners that showcased the product in different situations, emphasizing its versatility and practicality. Additionally, we conducted extensive A/B testing to optimize the banners for maximum impact. By analyzing click-through rates and user engagement, we fine-tuned the design elements and messaging to drive conversions effectively.


The ultimate solution for keeping track of your beloved pets. With our tiny tracking device, you can effortlessly monitor your pet's exact location in real-time. Discover the peace of mind that comes with TrackiPet.





Our project had a comprehensive objective: to develop compelling lifestyle banners, impactful marketing imagery, and exceptional A++ Premium banners for TrackiPet, the tiny tracking device for pets. Our goal was to promote the product effectively and increase both click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates on Amazon.

To accomplish this, prior to commencing the image development process for Amazon, we conducted thorough niche research, diligently analyzed competing products, and carefully considered customer feedback, including negative reviews. Leveraging our design expertise, we successfully highlighted key product features that were previously unclear to consumers. In alignment with data from, which indicates that approximately 60% of pets suffer from obesity, we placed special emphasis on positioning our tracker as a valuable tool for monitoring pet health and weight control.



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